Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lives of the Smitten and Clueless - Pt I

I've always believed there are 2 types of managers:
  1. Those who hire people who know something they don't, then refer to their reports to help making important decisions
  2. Those who hire people they believe to be "lesser than" themselves then proceed to bully, micromanage, and back-talk their employees into following in line with their desires
Manager type 2 is most often what fails an organization on multiple levels and drives employees to quit. Manager type 2 is what I just survived. 

It all started out very innocuously.  My company's IT department was going through multiple reorganizations within the department. I remember the crazy, willy-nilly assignment of managers like an old cartoon joke where a cat would shake a stick with a mouse on the end then two mice would appear, then three.  Managers were popping up everywhere.

Then after the managers were picked, the choosing up of sides would begin! It was funny to watch, kind of like when kids pick teams in gym class.  Everyone runs to the team they want to work for.  My team ran under another organizational umbrella and under the guidance of a man, we'll call Mr. Smith.

In all honesty, we (the talent) were all getting pretty sick of having our managers' positions changed every 2 years. It gets very hard to complete long-term projects in an organization when your managers keep changing.  The last major project we completed took 3 years from start to finish. So...what you would want to do here, is look for a type 1 kind of manager.  Well, not unless  you are Mr. Smith...and your new girlfriend needs a job.

Oh yes my lovelies!  Get ready for Lives of the Smitten and Clueless next on Work du Soleil!!

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