Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Possible Victory?

The saga of the parking policies continues...

In my last post about the lousy parking policies of this company, I wrote about my failed attempts to actually take advantage of one of the 10 medical parking spaces that took up the now precious parking space commodities at the office.

About 30 days after my rant, HR followed up with me.  Being contacted that long after the fact angered me.  In the time it took HR to respond to my concern, I could have worked from home while my foot healed. It didn't help every day when I had to hobble back and forth a half mile to my car RIGHT PAST EMPTY MEDICAL PARKING.  So...I figured that while I had HR's attention, and while I had 6 weeks of paid time off banked up...I'd shoot off my mouth.  (Now, it's not normally a good idea to shoot your mouth off, in an email, to an HR representative.  BUT, when you are worked to death, in physical pain, and the victim of neglect...and, I say this again, 6 WEEKS of paid time off banked up...you might weigh your options.)

So I did something I usually say I never do....bitched at HR.  Perhaps it was the pain talking?  Perhaps it was the endless months of b.s. I put up with over 2 completely incompetent higher reports.  Perhaps it was the constant negative attitude I got from the Engineer who sat two desks down?  Sorry, that was just the straw that broke my toe, I guess you could say.  I told her that is was a waste and a shame for an injured non-pregnant person to hobble past all the wasted front-row parking spaces

Of course, I got no response...via email.  A week later, I walked in to the office to see this:

See the empty poles with no signs on them?  Yeah, I did that.

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